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about us

about us

AMF Business Development Systems was designed to help new businesses find resources needed to be fully operational as quickly as possible.

Are you an Entrepreneur who's looking to start a legitimate business and have it flourish quickly?  AMF has all your needs covered.  Our step by step process is the fastest way to bring your business from the ground floor to profitable at full speed.  The first step is getting some funding in the door.  After that we will build your site and optimize it faster and for less money that any company in the marketplace and we guarantee it.  How is this possible?  We have relationships with the best busines service companies in the marketplace and because we send so much business to these companies we get the best rates on thier services.  We have helped so many companies become successful that we are becoming the standard in small to medium sized business development.   Set up a free initial consultation one of our business developers today!

AMF has all the resources to get your new business funded and create a strong online presence right away. With our amazing web development team we will have your website up and your web presence established right away.

The key components to a strong online presence are SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SMO (Social Media Optimization) and Reputation Management. AMF has the resources to develop your business in these
areas right away and will guarantee your presence on the first page of google.

Most businesses fail due to lack of financial stability, even when the business model is correct. AMF has relationships with over 32 public and private banks helping you to get the funding you need, to stay on track.

These are just a few of the resources available to you as a client of AMF.

Let one of our business specialists walk you through the variety of tools available to you by calling us today. 

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